16/2/2016 - Stefano Fiocchi's Greetings At Hit Show 2016

Stefano Fiocchi, the President of Fiocchi Munizioni as well as of ANPAM (National Association of Sport and Civilian weapons and ammunitions producers), participated to the official opening greetings and stated: “The year 2015 saw a small decrease in the market of civilian and sport weapons, but December’s data, with a significant increase of the number of tested weapons, is a positive sign for growth in 2016.”

The excellence of the sport teams was also present with the participation of Olympic Skeet Shooting athletes and dynamic shooting champions. “In Rio de Janeiro, our weapons will be the protagonists once again”, concluded President Fiocchi, “In the previous editions, all the shooting sport medals were won with rifles made in Italy.”

A great start indeed for the most important Exhibition of the field, that aims to break last year’s record of 31.000 visitors.


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