16/07/2014 - Sporting World Championship

Even in Jr. Fiocchi got the best result with Mattia Cecchetti, fourth with 177 plates, two from winner Jake Moore.

Also in the team standings, the Italian team, all Fiocchi, won the gold medal with Mattia Cecchetti, Andrea Menga and Simone Brussolo.

As for the ladies, Jessica Tosti earned sixth place with 170 plates at distances 8 from winner Beatriz Laparra Cuenca, Spain.

The Italian women's team, with Jessica Tosti and Katia Vaghi, both Fiocchi, with Martina Maruzzo, won the Silver medal.

The most important event of the year in Portugal has gathered more than 1,000 shooters from all over the world.

Fiocchi congratulates and thanks all its shooters who have participated in this race.