09/06/2016 - Veniero Spada's Italian Team On The Podium In France!

At the top of the podium we find: Samuel Sacripanti, Manrico Sani and Fiocchi shooters: Enrico De Tomasi and Michael Spada. The athletes have won the gold medal with a total of 539/800 points. 

The silver medal was won by Super Veteran Giancarlo Ciofini, Enzo Gibellini and Ferruccio Morelli. Our shooters have earned the honor place with the total of 455 points behind the British Shooters Team (Gold medal with 467 points) and in front of the French Team (bronze medal with 439 points).

Ladies and Junior Team won third place on the podium. 

The bronze medal has gone to Paola Cuccarolo, and to Fiocchi shooters Carla Flammini and Katia Vaghi. Junior Team won the bronze medal with the team made by Fiocchi shooters: Simone Brussolo, Menga Andrea and Alessandro Tonini.

Here is the comment of CT Veniero Spada on the Sporting European Championship achievements:"Although we didn’t won individual medals, I am still very satisfied with the performance of my shooters, our next event will be the World Cup and we will be prepared the to do our best".