The finals of the 2019 Fiocchi Day were conducted over the 7-9 June weekend. The prestigious tournament organized by the company marked its 25th anniversary, this year.

Out of the 4.166 participants who competed in the qualification phases, 940 shooters advanced to the finals, which were held over three different shooting clubs: the Trap Concaverde in Lonato del Garda, the TAV Umbriaverde in Todi, and the TAV Gioiese in Gioia del Colle.

These are the athletes who won the finals, in their respective categories:

Trap Concaverde
1° Absolute – Silvio Baccolo
1° Excellence Category – Mattia Sardi
1° First Category – Diego Puccio
1° Second Category – Alessandro Cantù
1° Third Category – Ulderico Carsetti

TAV Umbriaverde
1° Absolute – Mauro De Filippis
1° Excellence Category – Riccardo Faccani
1° First Category – Franco Felici
1° Second Category - Francesco Angelini
1° Third Category – Remo Stafisso

TAV Gioiese
1° Absolute – Emilio Mastromatteo
1° Excellence Category – Domenico Cannizzaro
1° First Category – Ilario Giuseppe De Salvo
1° Second Category - Salvatore Gozzo
1° Third Category – Andrea Cito

On the 24th and 25th of August, finally, the winners will face for one last time in Umbriaverde, where the Master Fiocchi 2019 will take place.