The Italian team pockets a total tally of 5 medals, at the Biathlon World Championship in Oestersund (SWE), including two titles, two Silver and one bronze medal. It’s a true success of the “Azzurri”, that speaks for the their excellent season, and that makes Fiocchi Munizioni (sponsor of the team) extremely proud once again.

Spotlights were on Dorothea Wierer and on Dominik Windisch, who both became the world champions in the 15km Mass Start women and men events, respectively.

Dorothea finished on the highest step of the Swedish podium at the end of a “state-of-the-art” competition. Showing extreme precision on the shooting line, and great determination on the skies, she not only won the title, but also climbed back atop of the World Cup ranking, along with Lisa Vittozzi.

Dominique, on his side, was the author of an epic comeback. After entering the last shooting session in 11th place, Windisch did not miss a shot, and crossed the finish line in the lead, taking advantage of his opponents’ mistakes.

Their results - with two titles gained in a single competition day - sealed a perfect event for the whole Italian Biathlon movement. Indeed, Italy did not win a World Championship gold since 22 years.

In addition, the medals tally of the Italian athletes saw a silver medal won by Lisa Vittozzi in the women’s 15km individual event, a silver medal claimed by Lukas Hofer and Dorothea Wierer in the Single Mixed Relay (W-M), and the bronze medal won by the team (Vittozzi, Wierer, Hofer, Windisch) in the 2X6+2X7.5 Mixed Relay (W-M).

President Stefano Fiocchi said: “We congratulate Dorothea, Dominik and all the athletes of the Italian team, who have been the protagonist of a fantastic season, full of emotions and medals.”

“We are honored to support the team. To see them shooting with our ammunition, and then crossing the finish line with their hands up in sign of success, makes us extremely proud.”