Fiocchi Munizioni will be the exclusive ammunition sponsor of the first, historic Para Trap World Championship, scheduled to take place at the Concaverde Shooting Range in Lonato del Garda (ITA) from October 4th to October 6th.

After last year’s partnership with the first Para Trap World Cup, the company based in Lecco decided to give its support also to this important competition, which is going to attract the best para-shooters in the world, traveling from 16 different countries.

There will be three categories of athletes competing in Lonato: SG-S, for shooters using a wheelchair, SG-L for shooters with lower-body disabilities, and SG-U for shooters with arms disabilities.

The schedule includes an official training on Thursday 4th, followed by the first three rounds of qualification on Friday 5th and by 50 more targets on Saturday 6th, when final matches and victory ceremonies will also take place.

“We’re very happy to support this historic competition, which is going to be a crucial milestone in the development path of Paralympic shooting — said Mr. Marzio Maccacaro, Commercial Director of Fiocchi Munizioni — We’re proud to be the exclusive ammunition sponsor of the championship: we constantly supported the sport throughout the years, also encouraging the practice with dedicated promotions and concessions.”

“We’ll always support these initiatives, and we also invite shooting sport fans to come to Lonato and enjoy the competition: it’s a unique experience,” he concluded.

To the participants shooting with Fiocchi ammunitions, the company will give away some Fiocchi-branded merchandise.