The 2018 edition of Fiocchi Day — the yearly competition that this year saw the participation of 4551 shooters — concluded last weekend at the Umbriaverde Shooting Range in Todi (ITA), where Antonio Mellone, who won 1st Category and Excellence at last year’s competition, climbed atop the Master Fiocchi podium for the first time in his career.

The competition also elected the ten shooters who earned a spot in the Top Ten Fiocchi 2019. Along with Mellone, the list was composed of Nicola Demarco, Nicolò Falsitta, Franco Felici, Luigi Girolimetti, Andrea Miotto, Antonio Petrera, Alfonso Ricciardi, Stefano Schiavolini and Riccardo Vavini. Furthermore, each of them won a yearly supply of Fiocchi ammunition, a selection of Fiocchi-branded sportswear and merchandise, and the chance to compete as a member of Fiocchi Team for the whole 2019 season.

In the list of winners, Mellone comes after Marco Correzzola, who won the 2017 edition of Master Fiocchi.

Here’s the winner of each category:

Excellence and 1st Category: Franco Felici

2nd Category: Nicolò Falsitta

3rd Category: Luigi Girolimetti

Fiocchi Munizioni would like to congratulate with all the participants, and wishes to see them all at next year’s edition of Fiocchi Day and Master Fiocchi!