More than 50 students of University of L’Aquila crushed clays with us at Acquaviva Shooting Range in Cellino Attanasio (TE)

Once again, the training was conceived with the precious support of Fiocchi Foundation, and the kids had the chance to share the range alongside the pillars of the Italian National Team Jessica Rossi, Mauro De Filippis and Massimo Fabbrizi. Our ambassador Valerio Staffelli also took part in the initiative.

After a brief theoretic introduction, where they learned the technical and safety basics of the discipline, the students were split in three groups, taking turns on the stations and breaking their first targets ever, under the guidance of their extraordinary teachers.

"We're very satisfied to be here in Abruzzo, after being in Lombardia, Marche, Piemonte and Emilia Romagna last year: the number of kids that grow interest for our sport is constantly increasing, also because of our initiatives all around Italy - said Fiocchi Marketing Director Mr. Marzio Maccacaro - The young women are the most passionate about trying Shotgun shooting, and they're even more curious of their male counterparts. We're very proud of the cultural process we started, it's truly necessary to throw down some skepticism and barriers that surround our sport. We have to keep going this way and the feedback of the youngsters gives us the strenght to do so” he concluded.