Lisa Vittozzi is 23-year-old, she has competed in the IBU World Cup Biathlon for four years, and in the last twelve months she broke into the biathlon international scene with some amazing performances: in last year’s World Cup she nailed her first individual top 10 placement in Hochfilzen (AUT), then claiming the first individual medal of her career in Kontiolahti (FIN), where she placed 3rd in the Pursuit race.

This season, she already doubled her personal medal count, taking Bronze in Annecy-Le Grand Bornard (FRA).

We met her in Anterselva, at the end of the sixth IBU World Cup Biathlon stage of the 2017/2018 season.

The IBU World Cup in Anterselva sealed the first part of the season, are you satisfied with your performance here?

Yes, even if I missed a couple of targets in the Sprint race, which I honestly didn’t expect. However, it gave me the right boost for the following Pursuit race, where I gave everything I had and proved that I can compete at a very high level. I’m very happy I did it, and I’m very happy of my placement in the top 10.

How much improved do you feel compared to last year?

Well, differently from last year — when I started a bit slow and finished the season on a high note — this year I got some good results in the early stages of the season, feeling good both in skiing and shooting. That’s why I’m quite confident, I feel that I can do good in the upcoming and important competitions.


If you had to bet on yourself, which event would you pick?

The ones where I feel I can perform better are Sprint and Pursuit, for sure. Even if I nailed some good results in the Mass Start. They’re all races where I can finish among the best ones, so I would like to bet on all of them! Once I’ll be there, however, we’ll see.


You come from a successful career in junior competitions: do you think that Italian biathlon is going through some positive times?

Yes, it’s growing good. The base is not very large, but behind the main National Team there are some very good youngsters, and some of them are obtaining pretty good results. I really hope they continue to work hard, so they can join us soon.