Our athletes, supported even during this season by Fiocchi Munizioni, won 10 medals across all the World Cup competitions: 8 in individual races and 2 in relay races, bringing home 1 Silver medal and 9 Bronze ones.

In the overall ranking, the best-placed was Dorothea Wierer, who ended up fifth claiming two individual medals and two relay ones.
Moreover, it was a special season for the young biathlete Lisa Vittozzi, who finished fourth at the Sprint race during the World Championship and won her first medal at Kontiolahti, claiming the third place, along with two relay medals shared with her teammates. Alexia Runggaldier and Federica Sanfilippo had a pretty competitive season too, helping Dorothea and Lisa achieve greater results.

On the other end, the best performer in the Men's team was Dominik Windisch this season, who finished 14th in the overall ranking, dominated by Martine Fourcade. Dominik closed his season with two Bronze medals in the Oberhof stage.
During the second half of the World Cup season, Lukas Hofer showed promising progress especially in his skiing, while he kept struggling a little in his shooting.

Every Italian athlete will be in Val Martello during the coming weekend, where the Coppa Italia Fiocchi finals will be held: they will be competing along their Teams and the best junior athletes of the season.