Four medals: three bronzes and one silver. This is the results achieved by the Italian National team in the last IBU World Cup, held in Nove Mesto from the 1st to the 14th of March.

The first who got on the podium was Lisa Vittozzi, winner of the bronze medal in the Sprint competition. The athlete from Sappada won her first medal of the season thanks to a perfect performance, with 0 (due spazi in più) faults on the shooting range and great times on skis.

A week later, once again in the Sprint race, the Italian team won two more bronzes thanks to Lukas Hofer and Dorothea Wierer. Both athletes struggled on skis but they climbed on the podium thanks to an excellent performance on the shooting range: for Lukas it’s the first medal in this season, for Dorothea the fourth one.

The last joy for the “Azzurri” arrived in the last day of competition in the Mixed Relay, the race that has become the trademark of the Italian national team. Lisa Vittozzi, Dorothea Wierer, Dominik Windisch, and Lukas Hofer did not disappoint expectations and finished the race at the second place. Once again the Italian team was rewarded by a great performance on the shooting range, where it can count on the performances of the cal.22 ammunitions of the Fiocchi Biathlon line: Exacta Winter, Official Winter, and TT Winter.

“Congratulations to all our athletes for these four medals - said President Stefano Fiocchi - We are very proud to know that these goals have been achieved with the reliability of our products. Together with the “Azzurri”, we continue to export the Made in Italy to the world”.