The 5th edition of the Fiocchi Sabatti Trophy, the long range shooting competition that has become a must for enthusiasts, was held in Cerreto Sannita (province of Benevento, Italy).

Over 100 shooters met at the Samnium Shooting Club, a wonderful natural range located on a plateau 900 meters above sea level, with shooting lines equipped with cutting edge technologies. Together with them, there were also our company’s experts, ready to give advice and information.

During the competition days, shooters had the chance to use the Sabatti rifle and our Fiocchi Exacta caliber .308 Winchester ammunition.

The 2020 Fiocchi Sabatti Trophy’s winner was Ivan Bettiga, with the score 97/100 + 6 mouches. Fiocchi team achieved great results: in the “Open” category our shooter Morena Sibilloni conquered the second position (100 + 4 mouches), in the “FTR” category our Riccardo Cassin conquered the first position (96 + 2 mouches), in the “Production” category our Francesco Gazzetta got an excellent 7th place (98 + 1 mouche).

“Congratulations to the organizers and to all the shooters that took part in they 5th edition of the Trophy - claimed President Stafano Fiocchi - Every year this competition is attended by an increasing number of participants, an evidence of the growing interest in the world of rifle. It’s a pleasure for us to be with them”.