Four medals, two gold and two silver medals, first place in the general ranking and World Cup in sight: there could be no better end for the Biathlon World Championships of Dorothea Wierer, champion of the Italian national team and leading athlete of Fiocchi’s team.

In the opening race, the team composed of Lisa Vittozzi, Dorothea Wierer, Lukas Hofer and Dominik Windisch conquered the silver medal in the Mixed Relay thanks to a good performance on the skis and at the shooting range.

Wierer gave a masterclass in biathlon in the individual races: she was the absolute protagonist in the pursuit, individual, and mass start competitions.

In pursuit the Italian athlete showed all her talent and experience, rising in ranking kilometer after kilometer, shot after shot, cutting the finish line raising her hands surrounded by a mass of exulting people.

Two days after, Dorothea went back for seconds with an amazing come back in the individual race: started with a delay due to a mistake at the first shooting range, Wierer recovered the disadvantage on the skis and was perfect in the following target: another gold medal.

On the last day, the athlete ended the Championships just as she had begun it, with a silver medal in the mass start, and greeting the audience with her forth personal seal, which corresponds to the 31st medal for Italy in a world competition in the history of Biathlon.

“I had high expectations for these World Championships at home. It wasn’t easy to deal with pressure but I’m so happy for these four medals - claimed Wierer at the end of the event - Now I must keep concentrated and face the next races with determination, defend the first position in the ranking and try to win the World Cup also this year”.

“There are no words anymore to comment Dorothea’s class and the emotions she gives us - claims President Stefano Fiocchi - We are proud to contribute to her victories with the quality and reliability of our products, which - together with her talent - made the difference also in this World Championships”.