A dream that came true: winning the World Championships in Antholz, only a few kilometers from home, in front of 20,000 spectators, friends and family: Dorothea Wierer is the new World Champion in pursuit, once again after the world title conquered last year in Mass Start.

Starting from the 7th position after the Sprint race, the Italian athlete gradually rose in ranking, thanks to an extraordinary performance at the shooting range, where she used the cal. 22 Biathlon line by Fiocchi Munizioni. It was at the last shooting range that the outcome of the race was decided: Dorothea missed only one target, while the Norwegian athlete Roiseland missed two, leaving in this way the gold medal to the Italian athlete. The arrival of Dorothea Wierer was a real triumph, the stadium was all for her, and the champion greeted and paid tribute to the audience with arms raised.

“It’s a unique emotion to win a gold medal at home - claimed Wierer at the end of the race - The pressure during a World Championship is huge, I knew that today I couldn’t fail at the shooting range and I didn’t. Thanks to Fiocchi Munizioni: it’s also thanks to their quality and their support that I conquered this victory”.

“Congratulations to Dorothea, who continues to give us amazing emotions - commented President Stefano Fiocchi - A perfect union has been created between us and Wierer: we are happy to climb the roof of the world with her".