Fiocchi of America Inc., manufacturer of premium ammunition for competition, hunting and defense application, announces an important update in its governance with the appointment of Anthony Acitelli as new President and CEO. This follows the appointment of Maurizio Negro as Group’s CEO since July 2018.

This decision aims at further improving the Group’s management team, with a focus on its important US wholly-owned subsidiary, in light of the ambitious targets of the new strategic plan which envisages a significant growth over the next years. As an experienced leader in global strategy and planning in the sporting arms industry with over 25 years of industry experience, Anthony Acitelli's deep background in the domestic and international ammunition markets represents a complementary merging with Fiocchi, with more than 140 year of history.

Mr. Acitelli comes to Fiocchi of America following his tenure as Chairman and CEO of Remington Outdoor Company. Prior to this, Anthony Acitelli served as President and CEO Taurus Holdings, as Senior Vice- President of Sales for Colt Defense and held several executive positions within Alliant Techsystems’ (ATK) security and sporting divisions. An MBA graduate of Thunderbird Global School of Management and a six- year honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy, Mr. Acitelli carries a passion for outdoor sports and wildlife conservation and is a life member of numerous outdoor associations (including the National Rifle Association).


Luigi Sala, Chairman of Charme Capital Partners and FCC S.p.A. (Fiocchi Group’s holding which is 60%controlled by Charme and 40% by the Fiocchi’s family) commented: “Anthony Acitelli’s appointment marksanother important step towards the strengthening of Fiocchi of America and of the whole Group. His vast industry experience is highly valuable and we are sure it will be instrumental to accelerate the development path already started by Maurizio Negro and his team”.

Maurizio Negro, Fiocchi Group’s CEO, commented: “We are happy to welcome Anthony Acitelli in our team and we are sure he will greatly contribute to the Company’s growth. Anthony not only shares the strategic objectives for the future years, but also the founding values that made it possible for Fiocchi to become an industry leader during its 140-year history”.

Anthony Acitelli, Fiocchi of America’s newly appointed President and CEO, commented: “I am proud to join Fiocchi, a Company and a brand that speak excellence for all shooting sports and hunting lovers. I am committed to bring my experience at the service of Fiocchi of America and the whole Group. Fiocchi is a global manufacturer of innovative and specialty ammunition for competition shooting, hunting, and personal defense, favored by 'in-the-know' professional shooters and discerning hunters. I am excited about the new products we are working on that will deliver precision Fiocchi ammunition to the broader range of contemporary American shooters in some of the hottest calibers used today - concluded Acitelli -. I would also like to thank Maurizio Negro for the warm welcome”.