The final ceremony of Fisi’s agonistic season was held in Milan, yesterday. There were the most successful athletes in their disciplines.

Among them, the biathlon quartet couldn’t miss the ceremony to celebrate an extraordinary season, crowned by the Bronze medal won in the medley relay at the PyeongChang Olympic Games.

Our Lisa Vittozzi and her team mates Lukas Hofer, Dominik Windisch and Dorothea Wierer answered to the questions of more than 100 journalists.

The President of FISI Flavio Roda, particularly excited, wanted to thank all the athletes that honoured the national team.

Marzio Maccacaro, Head of Business & Marketing Director of Fiocchi wanted to celebrate the athletes too: “We are really proud to have joined the Italian national team of Biathlon in this triumphant ride” - he said - The reached results in these years, the growth of our athletes and the achievement of Lisa Vittozzi give us a lot of joy”.