15 1_2018Fiocchi

2018 opens with some great news for Fiocchi: the Italian company based in Lecco, in fact, recently launched its new website fiocchi.com.

Boasting a new design and a redesigned products section, the website allows both the desktop and mobile navigation, also allowing visitors to find the product they need in an easier and more intuitive way, according to his or her needs.

Fans, hunters and shooters could browse through the wide range of ammunitions by clicking on "Products by use", where the various applications of Fiocchi's products are the key of the research.

Dealers, armories and any other component of the business target, instead, could navigate by clicking on "Products by line", where they will select the ammunitions according the their technical features.

To discover these and all the other new sections of the website, and for a full-immersion in Fiocchi's world, visit fiocchi.com. Enjoy the navigation!