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In Crevalcore — the city she dedicated the London 2012 Olympic Gold medal to — Jessica Rossi and the author Mirella Valentini presented "Polvere rosa", the book where the 25-year-old Italian shooter is the main character.

How did this book came up?

The idea came from Mirella, the author, and it dates back to the day after the women's Trap final at the London 2012 Olympic Games. After watching me winning the Gold medal, she contacted me, presenting me this project, halfway between fantasy and reality. It's a book that took a long a time to be finished, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've had many doubts, at a certain point. The idea, however, I liked it from the very start... It would've been a little bit presumptuous to write a biography at 20 years old, so Mirella found the right compromise.

Has it been easy for you to open up, showing sides of your personality that you usually keep for yourself?

No, it's not been easy, at all. I've had my hard times and my issues. In the book people will find many things that no-one knows yet, and in the long time that we worked on it, I also had some negative moments. In the book, people will find those moments as well, because I decided to tell everything about me. I would like to be an example for the younger generations, I would like to show them that you can be open about both the good and the bad.

Are you going to promote the book after this first event in Crevalcore?

The first stop here in Crevalcore was mandatory, this town gave me so much, and I will always feel a strong bond to it. There will be more presentations in the future, anyway, but no certain date has been set yet.

What was Fiocchi's role in this project?

Fiocchi is by my side since the early days, the start of my career, and I really wanted them with me on this new adventure. They liked the concept of the book from the very beginning, and it's been great to have their support all along the process.

Despite not being a proper biography, could "Polvere rosa" be inserted in the sports books section?

Yes, of course, even if I think that something like this doesn't exist yet. The idea, again, came up from Mirella, and it hit me for its originality, for wanting to mix fiction and reality. It's something that I will always thank her for, she did a fantastic job.

It's been an intense year for you, both on the personal and professional side. What's your next big project?

Yes, 2017 was pretty intense! The shooting range at home didn't actually close, in fact, we first built the two additional ranges, then renovating the two older ones along with the buildings. Then there was the book and, of course, the victories, that finally came back. The mail goal now is the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but it's got to be a step-by-step process, and the first one will be next year's ISSF World Championship in Changwon (KOR), where the first round of quota places will be awarded.

Marco Vettoretti