The celebrations of the 2017 Santa Barbara day took place on Saturday, December 2nd at Palataurus in Lecco (ITA), patron saint of artillery and ammunitions. As usual, the party was hosted by Fiocchi Munizioni, also seizing the opportunity to celebrate the end of the year 2017.

Following the daily mass, Palataurus opened its doors to hundreds of attendees: managers, workers, local authorities and special guests, inclduing tv personality Valerio Staffelli, huge shooting sport fan, ambassador of the Fiocchi brand and host of the Santa Barbara day.

Among the guests, many members of the Fiocchi Team: Simone D'Ambrosio, Mauro De Filippis, Valerio Grazini, Lucia Palmitessa, Giovanni Pellielo and Jessica Rossi, all coming from a very successful season, and all sought-after for selfies and photos.

"This day is a tradition for our company — said Fiocchi President Mr. Stefano Fiocchi — and I, as a President, wanted to extend it to all the workers, in order to give it a familiar atmosphere. I care a lot about the Santa Barbara celebrations, it allows me to have a deeper relationship with my employees."

"We're not just workmates — continued Fiocchi Commercial Director, Mr. Marzio Maccacaro — this is a great team. A team that can achieve great things, by working together."

"Santa Barbara is our tradition, and during the course of years it turned into something special, a moment to celebrate our saint patron and the festivities, a moment to strengthen the bond with our workers. In this moment, stakeholders and authorities sit at the same table with the very same people that actually realize our products, including the many young boys and girls that keep bringing fresh energies to our historic brand" concluded Maccacaro.

Marco Vettoretti