The 2017 Master Fiocchi - the conclusive event of the 2017 Fiocchi Day edition - took place at the Umbriaverde shooting club the last weekend. After passing through the qualifications and besting 4.552 shooters all over Italy, 33 athletes met at Umbriaverde to compete in the final event, aiming at the title and at the awards up for grabs at the Master Fiocchi.

After a great match, it was Marco Correzzola who won the event with a score of 99 hits out of 100 targets, over the weekend.

The Master Fiocchi also selected the shooters who will be part of the 2018 Fiocchi Top Ten. The selected athletes will receive a yearly supply of Fiocchi ammunitions as well as sportswear equipment, and they will become full members of the Fiocchi Team for the 2018 season.

Marco Correzzola will be joined in the 2018 Top Ten team by Antonio Mellone (winner in the Excellence and 1st categories), Marco Paolini (winner of the 2nd category), Gianluca Macchi (winner of the 3rd category), Andrea Miotto, Franco Felici, Riccrdo Vavini, Francesco Galvagni, Luigi Girolimetti and Vincenzo Continelli.

Fiocchi Munizioni would like to congratulate all the athletes, and invite you to participate in the 2018 Fiocchi Day edition!